About Radhanagari Wild Life Sanctuary

Radhanagari has been included in the World haritage site. Radhanagari is world most sensitive place among 34 highest western ghat. This place is important forest belt which connects north and South Western ghat.The western Kolhapur district includes Radhanagri forest which is spread across 351 sq.km.The average height from sea is 900 to 1000 sq.ft. and the average rainfall of 400 to 500 m.

In 1985, The surrounding forest area of Radhanagari and Kalammavadi dam was declared as Radhangari Forest. Here the serried forest is also knows as "Dang"


Tourist Places

Rautwadi Waterfall
  • Radhanagari Dam (Laxmi Talav)
  • Kalammawadi Dam
  • Hasane Dam
  • Malewadi Dam
  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Vaghache Pani
  • Sapala
  • Sambar Kond
  • Kokan Darshan
  • Savrai Sada
  • Ugvai Devrai
  • Hasane Devrai
  • Padsali Devrai
  • Rautwadi Waterfall
  • Phonda Ghat


Diversity of birds is also very rich. You can see the variety of birds along with many rare, endemic and threatened species of birds....


Plants welcome various seasons with offering of flowers in varied colours Sanctuary has a good floral diversity, from tiny grasses to huge trees...


Some of the notable mammals caught on the camera traps set by the Forest Department in this Sanctuary are leopard, sloth bear, sambar ...

Best Places

Most unique features of this landscape is the presence of large, exposed, lateritic plateaus. there are many beautiful places ...


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